“Don’t put too much pressure on this next post,” Jeremy wisely counseled last night after correctly reading my body language. Sometimes it is downright irksome that he can read my thoughts before they are corporeal or even conceived. To him, I’m not just an open book—I’m an open book with big print, Braille underneath, and pictures on the side.

Jeremy was right: I was just starting to stew about what “bomb-awesome” post I would write to formally introduce my new blog redesign. I wanted to write a blog worthy of Jeremy’s handiwork. But of course, putting pressure on my writing is a surefire way to ensure that it’s awful.
Last time Jeremy redesigned my blog, we were just getting to know each other. He was picking up the broken pieces of Sierra, and reconstructing them using his handy web skills. The blog was a clever ploy to get to know me better, and he put everything he knew of my personality into the blog. Now he knows a lot more about me, and while I was crazy about my last design, I think this one feels a little bit more “me.” Or maybe it just reflects who “me” grew to be.

So with the pressure to elocute eloquently off (obviously seeing as “elocute” is not a word), allow me to just point some of the changes Jeremy painstakingly created for me, because they deserve to be noticed.

  1.   Scroll. More. Scroll all the way down. I don’t want my cityscape to go underappreciated. Obviously this is Chicago, but we will probably change it to mountains when we get back to Utah. If I don’t get too attached to my cityscape.
  2.   Some screens will see this better than others, but there are clouds on the background that actually move when I post new blogs. Also there are birds flying in my sky. I appreciate this subtlety, and feel like it makes my blog come more alive.
  3.  I caved in and got tabs (see above right). Give them a click and a read, should you feel so inclined.
  4.   I got an Instagram feed! So you can see what I’m up to and read about it! Narcissism at an extreme.
  5.   On the right side bar, you will see my social media buttons. Jeremy made them from scratch. Hover over these little puppies for a little fun. Click on them if you feel inclined.


Like the new design?
*Also, mostly so that I can have a record of my old beloved blog and the memory it contains, here’s a picture, though I am sure most of you are familiar with it.


  1. Jun 05, 2012

    I LIKE it! So much! Great work, you two.