An Insight into Anxiety

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I wouldn’t ordinarily blog about this so candidly, except that I love the candid and real people out there. I love the people that share without asking for pity. I love the people that post pictures of their perfect little cupcakes one week, and then their disaster of a house the week after that. So in an effort to be relatable and, frankly, for a little catharsis, I give you….

Fight or Flight.. Or Cry.

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I don’t think I was programmed with the usual “Fight or Flight” Tendencies. I think when I am startled, adrenaline starts flowing out my tear ducts, and it might be easy to mistake the adrenaline juice for tears running down my cheeks.

I’ve had several incidents to prove this, but most recently, I tried to go grocery shopping at the “far away, cheaper, more enjoyable” grocery store. I figured I would save enough money to justify taking a taxi back to our apartment.

You’ve Been Warned.

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I’m afraid my in-laws are in for a surprising treat: I am an over-sharer. I can’t help it. It’s genetic. I hold to the theory that if something embarrassing happens to you, you must immediately inform six of the nearest passer-bys, and then blog about it in order to alleviate humiliation. So frequently I do “over-share.” You may reference the following blogs for proof.
So with that forewarning in place, I want to warn the masses, but most especially my in-laws, that a blog about my experience at the lady doctor’s is soon to come.
Please still love me after.   

How Not To Make A Drumstick

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1.     Do not accidentally place your twelve pack of fresh chicken drumsticks in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, so that they all freeze in one giant clump.
2.     Do not try and slam them into the counter repeatedly to get them to break out of their frozen clump.
3.     Do not try and take a knife to them to get them out of their frozen clump.
4.     Do not shove the humungous Styrofoam crate they came in diagonally in the microwave because you are too impatient to defrost.
5.     Do not coat the bottom of the frying pan that you should not be using with a layer of olive oil.
6.     Do not get to close when that layer of olive oil turns on you and starts scorching your hands off bit by bit.
7.     Do not keep your windows closed because “It’s too cold,” even as your house begins to fill with smoke.
8.     Do not give up the frying pan method by sticking your drumsticks back in the microwave in attempts to move things along.
9.     Do not assume that though your drumstick looks tasty, cooked, and white on the outside, that it is anything resembling cooked on the inside.
10. Do not leave the Styrofoam packaging the drumsticks came in on top of the stove that is still on.
11. Do not eat. Whatever you do, do not eat.

Lesson Learned. The Hard Way.