I’ve been an unreliable journaler in 2012. Here’s some photo documentation of my life which consists mostly of Englishy things and my hedgehog. Jeremy and I need to take more pictures, but I think we both agree that our hedgehog is cuter than both of us, so she gets the most screen time.

I think it’s reallllly cute when Hufflepuff gets wood shavings on her face when she wakes up from her nap. Heaven help me, I am one of “those” pet owners. I predict it will only get worse when I have children.
She takes such delightful close ups.


This was Puff’s unsuccessful Halloween costume. We tried to make her Arnold the Pygmy Puff from Harry Potter. She hated it.


Besides the fact that I love Lois Lowry and that she signed my books, I found this encounter slightly disappointing. She was rather cold. She didn’t even look up at me as she signed my book. I guess it’s ok, I get tongue-tied around authors anyway.


My beast of a brother ran a marathon. It was honestly one of the coolest Robinson accomplishments of all time, and I was so proud of him. It was so fun to cheer him on.
Taylor Mali was NOT disappointing. He was wonderful. He jumped up on my table and performed  What Teachers Make and signed my book with a very personalized inscription “If you cry about your first year of teaching, you’re doing it right.”


I finally became the recipient of the legendary Robinson “I survived the Denver Blizzard” shirt.  It’s now hiding  in a top secret location in case my family members try to steal it from me.


Oh! More pictures of Hufflepuff! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. My pet holds hands with me.


Hufflepuff loves to get lost in the folds of blankets. It’s charming right up until that point where you lose her in the blankets and it becomes stressful.


One day, on something of an irresponsible whim, Jeremy and I drove up the canyon to get a peak at the fall leaves.  Sometimes living in Utah can be completely wonderful.


  1. Nov 19, 2012
    Kirsten Wiemer

    hufflepuff is so cute!
    love lois lowry, awesome!
    and fall colors, perfect.