I told my students they were not allowed to start their essays, presentations, etc with a dictionary definition. I gave no such dictum about starting with an Urban Dictionary definition. As such, here we are:

“NOOBS: Rely on cheap tactics to barely finish second-to-last on the team, and often blame others for their mistakes.
Noobs have no ambition to get better at the game they fail at, and are happy just pissing off the rest of us.”


“NEWBS: Honest, humble, polite [people] who strive to better themselves by playing as a team and seeking the advice of others. Newbs are new to the game, so they don’t know, and, when confronted after using noob tactics, apologize for their behavior and immediately cease all noob activity.”

I present, what I hope is NEWB behavior (as opposed to noob behavior, obviously):
Couch Shopping in New York: A Photo Essay

(I invite you to click in order to best read the captions)

I’m not sure I recommend our approach,  but the results were good. Now we wait for the couch cover and pray we don’t get bed bugs. We apologize and immediately cease all Noob behavior.

  1. Sep 09, 2015

    The sofa looks great! Good thing you guys are young–and just a tad crazy:)