I feel so blessed this birthday. Honestly one of the best.

Recently I watched a television show (Save Emily Owens MD!) that poked a little bit of fun at “birthday people.” They mentioned that having a birthday was not an accomplishment, so why celebrate?

To which I respond, because I like to! I like birthdays. I like your birthday and my birthday. Do I feel a little embarrassed that I not so tactfully hinted to my students that my birthday was coming up? Probably less embarrassed than I should, because my students were unbelievably kind to me on my birthday… and I won’t lie, that felt wonderful.

I realized that I remember very little about last year’s birthday, so allow me to record mine this year for posterity’s sake since my physical journal has become an obsolete joke this year.

The week started a little early with the Penrod’s in town. We had so much fun (the family had a lot to celebrate!) and my in-laws gave me some AMAZING speakers for my classroom (rocking my educational world right there) and some adorable hedgehog magnets. I’ve been feeling especially grateful for my Penrod family lately. They have really helped me feel welcome into their lives, and are such generous, good people.

Chloe Noelle and I celebrated both of our birthdays on Monday by going to see a chick flick that we would not feel comfortable dragging our men too. Chloe has long taken objection with my socks, and so sometime this year (she can’t remember when) she wrote in her planner to buy me socks on December 12. She found me hedgehog socks.

Kristy, my gorgeous, perfect sister-in-law made me one of the coolest presents I’ve ever received, in addition to the most perfect cupcakes known to man. Ladies and gentlemen, my Mark Twain shirt! I love it so much. I immediately recognized this man who I’ve grown a close bond to since I started teaching high school English.


I have a bad sense of “delayed gratification.” I like to peek at my presents and open them as soon as I know that a present exists. Thus, my mom made me promise not to open my presents until 12-12-12 this year. Obviously, I waited, but opened my present at 5:00 AM. And it was so cute–a complete 12-12-12 care package! 12 cups of hot cocoa, twelve beauty treatments, twelve gorgeous shades of eyeshadow and a few other trinkets.  My night concluded with my mom and dad “counting the years away,” an important Robinson family tradition. It’s not a birthday without someone counting the years away.

My students spoiled me ALLLL day long. One period sang the worst rendition of Happy Birthday that has ever been sung. It was delightful. Other students dropped by for a quick hello, wrote on my board,  and all my students first hour got together and signed a birthday card for me (I can’t post it because there are too many names on it, and that violates privacy laws). Other students made cards, brought in homemade goodies, cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, and sparkling cider. Penrod’s Army brought in Krispy Kremes and notes, and even made shirts. It was… maybe the most loved I’ve ever felt by non-family in my entire life.




I had to edit her face for privacy reasons, but I just got such a kick out of this shirt and I had to show it.

That night, I knew I had a puppy coming through a new service called Rent-A-Puppy. Jeremy was trying to surprise me with it, but I weaseled it out of him. I was giddy about it all day long. When Jeremy got home from a long day of taking finals, we first went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Provo, La Jolla Groves. Then came Charlie, our springer spaniel mix, and boy was that an educational experience. Charlie was as wild as a puppy could be. She chewed on everything in sight, piddled in several choice locations, nipped at my toes, and ate Hufflepuff’s food. I loved it! Jeremy was… relieved when the rental hour was over.


Charlie seeks a friend in Hufflepuff and goes away unrewarded.



Afterwards, Jeremy bunkered down to get some studying done and I celebrated with Hufflepuff. Because what photo dump isn’t complete without a picture of my hedgehog?
She was hiding under my birthday notes because Charlie made her nervous.

The next night, me and my closest friends celebrated four December birthdays! Alysse, Sean, Preston and I all have birthdays in December so we did what was only natural… returned to the place where it all began. We went to Tucanos, and even though I definitely had my share of horror stories from working there, that place was such an answer to prayers at the time, and I am so grateful I worked there because I met some of the closest friends I’ve ever had.

We missed you Michelle, Creighton, Dana and Dallan!


This is Brooke and Alysse in front of their legendary Employee of the Month pictures. Unless I am much mistaken, none in our clan was ever actually named Employee of the Month. We toyed around with the idea of pulling out our old uniforms and name tags and sliding a few of our own pictures in the frame… I’m not opposed to it.

The night concluded with, what I believe is my final birthday present. This glorious piece of wonderful is from Tiffany. It is my first snuggie and I love it dearly. Currently Jeremy has kidnapped it while he studies for finals… and he also is wearing one of those face masks from my mom, but don’t tell him I told you that.

All in all, an epicly good birthday.

  1. Dec 24, 2012

    What a fabulous birthdate!
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream