Selling Out

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So, we figured out something: Jeremy and I aren’t having another wedding any time soon, so rather than being sentimental pack rats, we are selling some of our wedding decorations. Hopefully you, or someone you know is in the need of some of these guys. Go ahead and email me ( if you are interested in any of these! Prices are negotiable.

Large basket filled with well-wishing tags. We put them on a tree with pictures, but you can put them on anything.



Frame–obviously you can put your own picture in there. 
Balsa Wood Flowers–there’s about 50 of them. See how we used them.

 These are little table numbers. They are light blue and peach. They only turned out alright, so we would sell them for pretty much nothing. 

Just Married Burlap banner with glitter letters.

See how we used it? We are also selling the streamers in the background as well. 
See the streamers?

You will obviously want to switch out the images but these vintage frames are homemade and way cute.
 See how we used them? 

See anything you like? Just shoot me an email, and we will talk about pricing. 

Honeymoon Highlights

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Here is a photo journey of our Honeymoon to Victoria, British Columbia.

  After a long day of airplaning, ferrying, and bussing to the island, we made it in time to see the legislative buildings all lit up. If the Eiffel Tower lights up, and Victoria’s legislative building lights up, can’t we at least put Twinkle Light Mustaches on Mt. Rushmore?

 Please note, despite the hours of mass transit and lack of sleep, Jeremy and I went to great pains to ensure our hair still looked good. Our server captured the good hair experience nicely. Also, he somehow managed to get the legislative building in the background without any window glare. He got a big tip, even though we weren’t entirely certain of Canadian tipping customs.

 There is a very specific sort of gear for whale watching in Canada. A coat that makes you look distinctively Oompa Loompa. 

 I had a soft spot for these lazy seals. The tour guide called them rock sausages. I thought that was a little unfair. I think they at least look like burritos.

 This was the alpha sea lion of the pack, and a seagull coming to poop on him because that’s what seagulls do.

 A mature male bald eagle! Thank heavens for optical zoom and a cool new camera, Penrods.

 These are our Orca Whale friends. They were a little cliquey at first, but they warmed right up to us in the end. They swam right underneath our boat, thereby welcoming us into their pod.

 Let it be known, henceforth and forevermore, that I, Sierra Lynn Robinson Penrod, rode a scooter all by myself. I got up to 30 km per hour, and slowed down several cars. All were patient and kind to me because I would mouth “I’m so sorry” to them at red lights. Also, Jeremy made me pull over periodically so they could pass me and my slow scooter (it was the scooter’s fault, I assure you).
 Somewhere hidden in the shadows of the Butchart Gardens is a honeymooning couple. Since it was our honeymoon and all, we liked to stick to dark corners… 😛

 We were happy to emerge from the shadows however to see the splendor of this pretty place.

 I just love the shots of the plenteous fields of gorgeous flowers, and the gardens arranged by color so nicely. Also, I am shocked to find that plenteous is actually a word.

 There is, how you say, a butterfly in this picture. 

 This is not a joke. This is actually a flower. We couldn’t believe it either. It’s like when Jackson on Gilmore Girls crossed a kumquat and a raspberry and got a Raspquat. 

 This is to remind Jeremy what my favorite flower is. It’s a dahlia. And it is nice. 

 Put your glasses on for this one, the locals never did get picture-taking with our Ultra Deluxe Thank You Penrods Camera quite right. It’s blurry, but we’re happy and there’s a heart in the bench, so it made the cut.  

 These were the Japanese Gardens. They were SO cool but our photos don’t do them justice quite the same way. But I felt like Turning Japanese, I really think so, the whole time.

 Now it’s REALLY concrete. Jeremy PINKY PROMISED me he would help me with a garden one day. But just in case, I may use this picture years down the road insisting Jeremy PINKY PROMISED he wouldn’t make me go to a football game, or Jeremy PINKY PROMISED he would take the trash out for the rest of our lives.

This begins the food reel, Jeremy’s favorite part of the trip. This was my butternut squash ravioli. Also, good hair. 

This was Jeremy’s seafood risotto. He won that day. It was to die for. Also, he’s wearing a cardigan, and I don’t hate it.

This is my lobster and Jeremy’s Surf and Turf. Next time, I won’t get the whole lobster. I did not take joy in that particular journey. 

This was our exploding dessert! Americans! Take note! SPARKLERS IN CELEBRATORY DESSERTS! I repeat:  SPARKLERS IN CELEBRATORY DESSERTS!
(And, for good measure, in case you weren’t listening: sparklers in celebratory desserts.)



The husband might object to the photo editing I cooked up here, but this concludes our journey to Vancouver Island.
Thanks Husband Mine! Such a good trip!

The Mean Reds and Wedding Reminiscences

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Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine. That’s what I’ve been doing all day. This is because I’ve been annoyingly bed-ridden all day as I combat some sort of sickness that I feel like I don’t rightly deserve. Yet, I am so lucky to have a husband, that’s right, a husband, who not only listened to me whine all day, but held my hand while I did it. Makes the Mean Reds (which is what Audrey Hepburn calls grouchy days) much more bearable.

Speaking of husband, I should probably mention that we got married! Remembering this also makes the Mean Reds go away. Which is why I am going to devote the last bit of strength I have tonight to posting about the wedding and honeymoon, and then I think my avid campaigns to publicize the wedding will come to a close officially.

First of all, a hearty “thank you” is required to everyone involved with putting this wedding together. Thanks for coming to both receptions, for spoiling us rotten with beautiful gifts, and thank you for celebrating with us. That being said, there are a few special thanks that need to be given specifically.

Thanks to A Simple Sugar, Deb Christopherson, Bethany Jackman, Dee Robinson, and Dana Rees, who helped us do this wedding on a budget and still make everything completely and one hundred percent beautiful. You need desserts, videography, cakes, flowers, or photography, they’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, many of you who traveled many miles for me to boss you around for a day. Also, thanks for being, by far, the best-looking wedding party of all time. You pulled off the vision nicely, and looked like stunners with those croquet mallets.

Thanks also to the Penrod family, who threw a beautiful reception in California, and thanks to Fawn who completely outdid herself (even though I hear that’s how events by Fawn usually go). As soon as I can get my hands on my own copies of photos from this reception, I will post about this, because the pictures will be worth seeing. It was so much fun, so classy, and an event to remember, I am sure. Plus, those in attendance got to sample Fawn’s “Cherry Berries on a Cloud,” and those who did so probably recall that it was like being transported instantly to Heaven.

And thanks to the Robinson clan for putting up with Bridezilla, for spending countless hours hand-making decorations, for stringing lights, for having brilliant ideas like croquet and badminton, for making the vision happen, and for funding a seriously beautiful wedding. The whole day went without a hitch, or at least, if there were hitches, thanks family for hiding them from me. I love you guys.

And thanks to my Heavenly Father, for giving me Jeremy. Especially on days like day, I am so eternally grateful I get to be with him forever. I am thankful for his crooked front tooth, and grateful for the way he hums the harmony along with music we are listening to, and I am thankful for his sweet kisses, and for his waking up in the middle of the night and holding my hair back for an hour, and still thinking I’m beautiful after all is said and done.

And thanks reader, if you actually made it through my thanktimony. Here, have some pictures, with love from Bethany Jackman and Fawn Penrod.

  Everyone in my wedding party was so stinking gorgeous. 

The Groomsmen. Half of them are single and “ready to mingle,” so let me know if you see any eye candy you’d like to sample.

The Bridesmaids in all their glory. I totally got Pippa-ed by these gorgeous girl, but it makes for some nice photos, so let the beauty of these girls keep on coming.

Mass influx of sisters. You know what? You can never have enough.

I have sweet spots for every one of these little kiddos. How could you not?

This is the King and Queen Table. I have to say, it turned out rather nice.

Flowers by Deb, Books by Grandma Pat’s and my Mother’s ponderous library, and silhouettes by Kristy Robinson. Inspiration by Bethany Lee.
Cake by the Glorious Dana Rees.

The venue: The Manor House. I’d never have guessed when I learned about this historic house in elementary school that I’d be celebrating my wedding here one day. Kinda looks like the White House, eh?

Oh, there’s my groom. He’s so special. Gosh I’m wild about him.

Desserts by A Simple Sugar. There was nothing Simple about this Sugar though.

Photo credit: Bethany Jackman. I really like this one.

Handsome musical handsome handsome handsome groom. I’m so giddy just thinking about him.

Where all the real goodness took place. Such a special moment.

So neat to have some of the most important people in our lives here to see us kiss like this.

Photo credit: Fawn Penrod. That breeze felt nice. 

Engagement Photo Dump

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I cursed myself: I preemptively blogged! I figured that my visit at the lady doctor would be the genesis of hilarity; in actuality, it was rather routine.
Thus, I’ve been avoiding my little neglected blog. I’ve been haunted by the idea that I must make something funny that… may or may not have been funny, and may just come across as crass. And so I’ve avoided the blog world entirely.
A Disclaimer: This is more “journal-esque” than I typically write. But since my journal is neglected these days too, I figure this is an appropriate forum for my goings-on.
I’ve been watching my the apologies on the blog reel rack up as my blogger friends poetically admit that they’ve been too busy relishing the sun and flattering the butterflies to maintain their blogs. Sometimes I wish my summer consisted of making ripples in the pool with my toes. Instead, I’ve been frantically and gloriously busy.
 Doing what, you ask?
Here’s the condensed version (maybe just for posterity’s sake if it fails to interest the masses):

1. I’ve been working four jobs! With varying degrees of success. I’ve been maintaining my TA position in the Theater and Media Department, and loving it with my whole heart and soul. I am a Writing Fellow for an educational law class at BYU, and then occasionally managing content for Jeremy’s web design business. Finally, I admit, I took the walk of shame back to the old Tucanos. It’s a walk that many make with empty pockets and heads hung low. And truth be told, my experience back there has been nothing but delightful. You may even think I’m being sarcastic, but I assure you, I’m not! It’s been fun!

2.     2. I’ve been sending invitations, making decorations, and receiving congratulations for the upcoming wedding, which creeps ever closer every day. It’s been far more stressful than I’d ever imagined, but there are some gratifying moments as well. For instance: Wearing your sister’s wedding dress. Nothing could be more special. It’s my favorite part of the wedding  (besides the groom, of course), and trying it on makes me feel like such a bride. And you know what, when I don’t feel like a complete Bride-zilla, being a bride feels wonderful. (Pictures not included because Jeremy can’t see!)


3.     3. I’ve been battling some serious bouts of anxiety, be it my own or my family members’. The Robinson clan is seeing lots of big changes this year, and while we have momentary moments of panic, I think something characteristic of our little family is our resiliency. When the tough keeps coming, we keep punching back. Eventually, we come out conquerors. But you could probably still send some prayers our way.

4.     4. Jeremy and I put a deposit on our first little starter apartment in Provo. And it definitely has character. It is at the basement of a 100-year-old inn. The entryway is our bathroom and there’s no living room, but there IS a bookshelf with one book on it. If you TURN the BOOK, it opens a secret passageway. It makes my heart sing. To quote my good friend Eleanore Steinmetz: “Sierra, that’s incredible and awful! Incredible for your writing career, awful because we may never see the Will Be Sierra Penrod again. You’ll be stuffed away writing a Potteresque novel in your secret passageway.”—Is it bad that I kind of hope so?

This is our new kitchen, with our new table and chairs! We have a new stove and a newly installed fridge. Also, white tiles.
This is the before shot of our bedroom.
Don’t be fooled by this seemingly innocuous bookshelf.
Or our (so far just MY) giant mountain of stuff.
Seriously nothing sexier than a man doing the handy work. Jeremy’s been hard at work making all our cabinets close tight and straight. He makes living in a fixer upper so much fun.
This is the secret passage way I told you about! Aren’t you just riddled with excitement? Aren’t you just dying to peek inside?
This is the bedroom’s current state. This is just my stuff, since Jeremy won’t move in until we are properly wedded. The bedspread is likely to change. The bear stays.
Another picture of my handyman. Couldn’t resist.
My handiwork. I’m no decorator, but books do a nice job of looking nice on their own.
5.I5. I’ve been showered! I had a lovely and classy and slightly embarrassing bridal shower thrown by my sisters Bethany and Kristy and my best friend Chloe. I had some transcontinental friends, Kelsey and Jenni travel in for the affair, which made me feel so very special. My friends far and wide spoiled me (and Jeremy) rotten.
Wouldn’t you like to know what was in this present?


Jes and Caitlin came even though Jes really should have been having her new baby girl that day.


Just because the photo loaded weird doesn’t mean I love these girls any less.


Some of my oldest and dearest friends at the shower.
6.    6.   I’ve been family-ing in Colorado, California, and Utah! We had a great weekend getaway where we could let go of the wedding stress and just enjoy our new family members and relax in the Colorado mountains.
My aunt Margie got married! Never a more deserving bride, and we sure do love Mike too!


This is sweet Doug who brought a bouquet of flowers to his mommy. Thank goodness this woman is procreating!


Teeny has indeed bonded with “Uncle Jeremy.” And to be honest, I think he has a little soft spot for her too.
Jeremy and I in the Mountains on Memorial Day. My family is patriotic. Please note the flag my father hung on the tree.
Jeremy sharing his love for entomology with the smalls. Kiana was especially excited that he caught a butterfly for her.

7. Mere moments after I had just been asserting to Jeremy that I was man enough to change a tire–I got a flat tire and had to put my money where my mouth was. Conveniently, I was wearing overalls that day (Because the 90’s are coming back, don’t you know?!)

Dang straight.
7.    8.   I’ve been spending time with my future husband and enjoying every single drop of time I get to just relax, cuddle, and be with him. We are that gross couple that accidentally alienates their friends with their PDA. But you’re only engaged once, and through the stress, I am loving it all.

Oh my gosh. My blog is becoming a Mormon Housewife Blog. Next blog, I will repent, I promise.