The Redesign

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“Don’t put too much pressure on this next post,” Jeremy wisely counseled last night after correctly reading my body language. Sometimes it is downright irksome that he can read my thoughts before they are corporeal or even conceived. To him, I’m not just an open book—I’m an open book with big print, Braille underneath, and pictures on the side.

My Husband, the Night Owl (or Penguin)

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Even though Jeremy, without fail, tucks me in each night around 11:30 PM, he, himself stumbles into bed every night between the hours of 1:00-5:00 AM, and some of those nights are late, even for him. He pauses a moment to read some scriptures, and sometimes, if I am lucky, I will wake up when he kisses my forehead. Some might worry about his nighttime exploits. I know that without fail, I can find him on my couch, working on ServeSurfer
What is ServeSufer, you ask? ServeSurfer is an amazingly cool website that connects people with service opportunities within minutes of their homes. It’s an altruist’s dream. It’s an NHS student’s ultimate hook up. It doesn’t hurt if you need a tutor for any subject at any age, either. It’s a website started up by several brilliant (and remarkably charismatic) Stanford grads, and designed and programmed by a bunch of talented computer geeks, of which my husband happens to be a part.

And it launches today. 
Image Credit: Carly Geehr, ServeSurfer Foundation.
I shamelessly stole this from the website. 

I highly encourage you to check it out at, and see all the hard work that has gone into this awesome search tool.

Jeremy and I have been so honored to get to see this project through, and Jeremy has learned so much. I am so proud of him for all of his truly hard work. This project has supported us through our first couple months of marriage, and we are eternally grateful.

But, admittedly, I am also a little excited for Jeremy to come to bed a little earlier.