SOL: Butterbeer Cupcakes

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I think I undergoing an advanced case of denial. I am perfectly aware of the two essays I have due this week, the humongous movie project due on Monday, in addition to the impending stress of travel during the busy time of the school semester. Yet, today, I found some time–three hours of non-existant time–to do some stress baking.

You know that I am genuinely stressed because stress-baking is something that I never do… It is a dead last resort to soothe my anxiety. In fact, at any given moment if you were to ask what stresses me out more, baking or homework, I would usually say baking.

But today… today, I baked. Because homework sounds worst of all. 
I made Butterbeer cupcakes, and to be perfectly honest, they are sincerely fantastic. Beyond amazing. And they turned out kinda beautiful too. 

Here’s the recipe, if you’re interested. I got it from Elly Steinmetz. She brought me these cupcakes on my wedding day.
Here’s to an all-nighter of doing the homework I did not do when I was baking.

I’m Supposed to Be Writing a Poem.

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“I am supposed to be writing a poem.”
A Devotional Lyric, to be precise. 

Nothing makes you stare at a the wall quite like writing a mandatory poem. Nothing makes you notice the sirens outside your apartment. The footsteps of the neighbors. The breathing of the self.

I have thought through the poem process thoroughly.
I have engineered my every variable to be as conducive to “Poemy-ness” as possible.
Which means:

  •  I am dressed down–a comfortable T-shirt, Jeans, and Jeremy’s jacket, but not PJ’s because that is not formal enough for poetry, or at least, devotional lyric.
  • I found a suitable notebook after trying several different ones. This notebook was formerly poem-less, so it has no poems to compare to. Though I can’t say this notebook has been exceptionally inspiring in the past, so I am open to reconsidering my notebook choice. This is probably the most important variable. A notebook is supposed to speak. 
  • I am using a pencil. Because who can write poetry in pen. For Heaven’s sake, it needs to be dirty. 
  • I debated, heavily, the proximity of my computer to self. It was on my bed. Now it’s at my lap. After I (hopefully) garner some writer fingers from this blog post, it will return to my bed. And I will return with my knees huddled to my chest, pencil in hand, non-inspiring notebook in tow, and I will continue not writing my poem.
  • I am not reading the requirements of my assignment until after the first draft of the poem is written. But my backpack is close in case I change my mind. 
  • I decided I needed my blankee. Because writing a poem can be brutal, and my own personal poetry usually hurts my feelings. Blankees are good for that.
Engineer though I might, 
Force though I try, 
Sometimes there’s just no poem inside.
I’m hoping I’ll find the poem that hides. 

SOL: I want the book

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The bed was perfectly, amiably soft this morning. I woke up early to do my homework, but opted to do it in bed instead, so I could appreciate the amiable softness of our Jersey sheets.

I did not accomplish as much as I expected. In fact, I fairly quickly fell back asleep. But I have some new goals this week, so I slithered out of bed, under duress because my new goals take extra hours in the morning to achieve them.

Goal 1: To write every day in the month of March. This is part of a “Slice of Life” challenge for my writing class, and if you write every day of the month, you could win a book. I tested the waters, I waited to see the quality of the books being offered as prizes. After the first winner collected her book, I decided the cover art was satisfying enough to pique my interest. I have resolved to try to win.

Goal 2: Jeremy and I pinky-promised that we would not leave clothes anywhere but the laundry basket or the closet, especially not on the floor, and especially not on the chair. (I know what you’re thinking–I’m an overbearing wife, manipulating husband into learning how to clean, but I assure you, it was his idea, and the double pinky lock was mutual). I woke up knowing this goal would take me some extra time A: to find my clothes in the closet, because they are so much easier to find on the floor and B: Because our laundry basket is difficult to get at sometimes–thus, the laundry on the floor problem. So far, I am doing very good at holding up my end of the bargain. After our first night of pinky- promising, Jeremy still has room for improvement:

Sorry about the poor photo quality. I didn’t want to wake Jeremy up (and let him know my plan to expose him!) by turning on the light. Please note, the somewhat ethereal chair where Jeremy’s pair of jeans hangs, and the church pants that almost, almost made it into the basket.
I love you, Sweetheart :). Better luck next time.