When Elly Strikes

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When I got married, I got a new cellphone plan, and with it a new number. I did the customary thing: transferred my contacts, sent out a mass text with my new number, and I think I even posted some sort of Facebook announcement about it as well. As with all cellular changes, there were a few stragglers that didn’t get the memo.

The Time I Saw Shia LaBeouf (Last Night)

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He will henceforth be referred to as Shia. Not because we’re on first name basis already, but because spelling Shia’s last name is a chore.

Anyways, after building my Pinterest scorecard to chart all my cooking goodness, I decided I’d had it with cooking for the… decade… so Jeremy agreed to meet me at CPK where we had a giftcard. I walked there, because public transportation is expensive, and as I was crossing the crosswalk, I encountered a bearded, long-haired, excessively grungy Shia. He clearly was doing his darndest not to be noticed… But I consider myself a celebrity expert (tried and failed to spell efficianado. Any help? I’ve never read it, only heard it), so there was no way he could get past me so cavalierly.