SOL: Butterbeer Cupcakes

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I think I undergoing an advanced case of denial. I am perfectly aware of the two essays I have due this week, the humongous movie project due on Monday, in addition to the impending stress of travel during the busy time of the school semester. Yet, today, I found some time–three hours of non-existant time–to do some stress baking.

You know that I am genuinely stressed because stress-baking is something that I never do… It is a dead last resort to soothe my anxiety. In fact, at any given moment if you were to ask what stresses me out more, baking or homework, I would usually say baking.

But today… today, I baked. Because homework sounds worst of all. 
I made Butterbeer cupcakes, and to be perfectly honest, they are sincerely fantastic. Beyond amazing. And they turned out kinda beautiful too. 

Here’s the recipe, if you’re interested. I got it from Elly Steinmetz. She brought me these cupcakes on my wedding day.
Here’s to an all-nighter of doing the homework I did not do when I was baking.

A Literally Sweet Victory

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Fear not, friends. This will not become a cooking blog. But I did want to report on my relative success that was the Nutella cupcake.
No, No, it’s no “Cocoa Bean,” or “Sweet Tooth Fairy.” But thanks to Jeremy’s manly whisking ability, my immutable persistence, and pulling the cupcakes out of the oven five minutes too early, I think we ended up with a real hit here!
Be proud of me a little?

Jumping In… Cupcake Style

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I’m a complete disaster with an apron and a whisk. I missed that part of “Life 101” where you learn to cook and bake and stuff. Recently, however, I’ve felt this weird magnetic pull to all things actually edible instead of processed… and I’ve been cooking! A lot! To great success by-and-large.

But mostly, I just leave the baking to the pros. Baking is very different. Baking is hard. There are a lot of mistakes to make when you are baking. Typically I make all of them, and that is just with the Betty Crocker mixes too.

But not today! Today, I found a recipe for these:

And you know what? I’m going to make these dang NUTELLA cupcakes if it kills me. 
These are probably some of the more advanced cupcakes in the world. From what I understand, it involved injecting nutella into the center with a pipette. I’m still trying to understand the science to this. It’s probably madness to start baking with a cupcake of this caliber.
But I promise you this: These cupcakes will not look this beautiful. They might be burnt and they will likely be crumbled. But watch out world. 

Today, Sierra Robinson is putting on an apron.