I’ll admit it, as the Pinterest craze took off, I felt a little superior for not buying into it. I started a couple of boards and thought–This is stupid, why am I pinning all of these things I can’t afford, won’t make, and can’t make for a house I don’t have? [Insert turned-up nose here.]

I didn’t bring any recipe books to Chicago, and AllRecipes was unreliable, so I crept onto my mom and sister’s Pinterests hoping to find some recipes I would like from some people who have genetically similar tastebuds.

It was a downhill slope from there, because I have realized that it is WAY fun and actually useful. However since I have gotten aboard the Pinterest train, I have vowed to myself several things:

1. No exclamation points in my captions.
2. Only pin things that I can actually do/make/eat/accomplish/afford unless it involves travel, in which case, those can be long term goals. (Bring on Senegal!)
3. Keep Score–if Pinterest Fails, alert the public.

Jello Cookies are The Worst. 
Their Version
My Version
Minus the fancy platter, they look somewhat similar, right? The aesthetics of these cookies are pleasing, but they taste like colored chalk. It’s like chewing on a dry sugar cube with 50,000 calories. These puppies have been staring me and Jeremy down for several days, but after this they are going straight to the trash.
Avoid the Jello Cookies.


  1. Jun 18, 2012

    Ha ha haaaaa! So funny. Have you seen those pinterest fail pictures? Reminds me of those.

  2. Jun 26, 2012

    I also had a big flop with the jello cookies. They looked so good, but tasted so bad.

    Special bummer because I only make cookies once every 2 years.