So what is it about neglect and procrastination that is so completely addicting? Forgive the informal writing style for this post, but I was just chatting with my sisters-in-law about how terrible slothfulness feels and yet, it seems to breed and multiply and consume you until you’re eight re-runs of Arrested Development down, but not any smarter, stronger, or happier. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I, for one, am experiencing a peculiar breed of procrastination when it comes to the little blog. I have been waiting for inspiration to hit me with my writing rather than seizing it by the bullhorns and inspiring myself for a change. So no profound experiences to share, or amusing anecdotes today. Today I am blogging, sans my muse, because a lot has happened recently and I want to find the happy little writer self that existed here once before.

Shall we persist chronologically? … That presents the problem of not knowing where to start.

Perhaps an announcement of two to start things off right:

1. (No pregnancy announcements here). I finished my first year of teaching High School. And the best news is–it won’t be my last! Anyone that’s “up with my newsfeed” will know that I lived through the rather hectic interview process to see another day at Timpview. The best (and most terrifying part) is that they have offered me the AP Literature class and the Creative Writing Club. I feel unworthy, blessed, and scared witless. It means that I will have to spend my summer immersed in literature, but when has that ever been a problem? I also get a shiny new classroom that hopefully has a little more temperature control than my last room.
2. This leads me to announcement number two (Still not pregnant): The company that Jeremy and I have been kicking around since our wedding has finally come to fruition. We have officially launched, which aims to help girls find dresses (namely bridemaid dresses, but we don’t discriminate) in the specific color, price range, etc that they are looking for. Jeremy pitched to an accelerator company called Boom Startup a few weeks back, and was selected to join the program. This was a huge honor, and even though really only started working with Boom Startup about two weeks ago, we’ve seen some really exciting development happening in our company.
Boom Startup has given $20,000 start up cash to make something of ourselves, but the best part is all the mentorship we’ve had access to (and the free legal help has been nothing to turn our noses up at either). The founder of Boom Startup is a Utah business legend and a BYU professor, and he seems really committed to helping each of the 6 companies selected learn how to correctly start a business, and as a result, succeed.
Since starting the program, Jeremy has been a busy developing bee, and I have been working on marketing mostly–reaching out to bloggers near and far and setting up guest posts and giveaways. We recently reached out to one of the top 5 wedding blogs, and they have agreed to promote us on their page! We also brought on Jeremy’s best friend who has been setting up our affiliate relationships with all the companies we are working with. We’ve felt so lucky and happy to have him on board. Full steam ahead on the business front!

3. (I promise I’m not pregnant. Maybe it’s just my students that keep asking me this EVERY SINGLE DAY.) Jeremy and I are moving! TO THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE COTTAGE EVER. We call it the dream house. It has the following: A fire pit, a porch swing, a gazebo, two horses and a llama that we don’t have to take care of but still get to enjoy, and the most beautiful garden in the world. It’s a tiny upgrade but we are so excited. We’ve loved our little basement apartment with the secret passage way, but I’m feeling stir-crazy and pent up, so the change will be most welcome.

Ok, so yes, I am aware that no one actually reads these big long posts, but one day, hopefully our company will succeed and we will actually be able to print out my little blog in some nice format and I will be glad to take note of our little life’s changes. And I’ve hurdled the blog procrastination for today… So I should probably go address Arrested Development…

Grandma Vay, if you’re reading this, thank you. It always makes me happy to know that you read my blogs. I love you.

  1. Jun 10, 2013

    Wow, that website is so cute and such a good idea! When I get married (someday), I will definitely be using it. Great job! And I'm glad you blogged, I love reading your posts.

  2. Jun 13, 2013

    I read the whole thing! I like life updates (even if I am up to date on everything already). 🙂

  3. Aug 29, 2013
    Kels H. M.

    I also read the whole thing, albeit a few monts post-post. I want to know more about the MOST ADORABLE LITTLE COTTAGE EVER.